June 19, 2021

Play Poker Online for Free?

Did you know you can play poker online for free?

It doesn’t cost you a cent.

The most popular form of online poker is Texas Hold’em. This is the type of poker where you are dealt 2 cards and then you match your cards with the dealers 5 cards to make your rank hand. Texas Holdem is the fastest developing gambling game at the moment. If you just switch on the T.V you know what I’m talking about.

Due to it’s massive popularity, there are hundreds of sites that provide you with free download -able software, which enables you to play against other ridiculousfoodsociety.net players from around the world. It’s fast, easy and fun.

Some of these websites include:

1. PKR.com

2. Fulltiltpoker.com

3. PacificPoker.com

4. Partypoker.net


The software generally comes with hundreds of poker rooms.

You can play No Limit Texas Hold’em as well as Pot Limit Holdem.

Many of these poker rooms enables you to also play Stud poker which many people also like.

You have to types of players coming into the website.

They are:

1. “Real money” players

2. and “Play money” players

You will most likely be a “Play Money” participant.

Play money is when you enter a room with fake money.

If you lose the money, you don’t really lose anything…maybe only your pride.

But let me tell you something awesome.

There are millions of people that make a LIVING at playing online Texas Hold’em.

They build up their skills in the Play Money area and then soon after move to the “Real Money” tables where the minimum bets can start as low as 1 cent.

You obviously need some skill as well as patience when you play the “real money” tables. If you are a gambling addict, then please stay away from the real money tables.

So there you have it.

You can play poker online!

Are you new to poker and want to master it quickly?


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