October 27, 2021

Public Relations for Dominos Pizza Concept

How can a local Pizza Franchise Operation participate in unique types of public relations? Most Pizza Places sponsor backboard advertisements at the ball fields and often sponsor soccer and little league teams. That makes sense indeed. But what if they did something else, something innovative to bond with the community? Like what you ask? Well how about helping take a BITE out of crime by joining a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol? Consider if you will Dominos Pizza;

DOMINOS PIZZA FRANCHISEES: Domino’s founder in building his company always made it a goal of his company to help out the community. For this reason nearly all their franchisees feel obligated to help in good causes. Their franchisees feel a strong commitment towards those ideals and that is one of the reasons, which attracted them to the business in the first place. dominoqq can be a great asset because on Friday and Saturday nights a single store may deliver 1000 pies a night. 1000 pizzas. WOW! This is a lot of deliveries. You may find that they need thirty signs, two for each car driven on those nights. Dominos Pizza will also put a flyer on top of every box of pizza they deliver during the initial inauguration of the program. This way you will alert thousands of people at their homes about the new program. Since 10 % of the population are small business owners or self employed you may find that you will hit a couple of hundred more potential mobile watchers.

A Pizza Franchise can be a major asset to the security of the community and get some major brownie points towards the company’s goodwill too. It makes sense to help the community, which supports the business and it makes sense to have a safe community so consider all this in 2006.