September 19, 2021
Retro Gaming Discussion – Duck Hunt

Retro Gaming Discussion – Duck Hunt

I briefly mentioned Duck Hunt in my Super Mario Bros. discussion. This game was packed in with SMB and required Nintendo’s “Zapper” gun, which you plug into the second controller port of the NES. Duck Hunt is still an old favorite of mine today, and the Zapper, the dog, and of course the small tune that plays after you hit the ducks still ring in my head.

You’re a hunter basically shooting ducks with the Zapper. You only get three shots to work with with each duck (whether you’re playing on one duck or two duck mode), so make them count. You also have a small time limit to hit the ducks, so don’t choke. If you successfully blast the duck(s), the dog comes up and holds it (them) up for display. If you miss, you have to watch as the dog laughs at you and embarrasses you on your miss. This is the most memorable part of the ربات بازی انفجار Urban legends said you could shoot the dog, but this was proven to be false as the programmers did not have that in. But as a kid I wanted to shoot the dog for making fun of me! It was so great.

There is an infinite amount of levels, where the ducks fly faster as you progress, thus making them harder to hit. The game remains the same otherwise, other than a few changes to the time of day (from sunrise to sunset). If you’re really good at this game it will become monotonous to you but if you need to sharpen your skills then you can play all night if you wanted to. After ten ducks, you move on to the next stage, and the amount of ducks required to move to the next stage increases as you go on (i.e., you have to hit X amount of ducks to progress).

There is almost no music in the game, but the tune that plays after you hit the ducks will get stuck in your head. The sound effects are the usual quack sound from the ducks and the blast of the gun. But I like it because it simulates a real duck hunt, where you have a hunting dog and you’re on a quiet field with ducks.

I love Duck Hunt a lot. That blasted dog got on my nerves as a kid, and I’m sure he has gotten on yours during your childhood. The game gets challenging as you move on, so you’ll be blasting ducks for a while.